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ReqAIre assistant is designed to make the process of writing and improving existing requirements or user stories simpler, more efficient and accurate than ever before. By using technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, our tool can analyze your requirements and suggest improvements based on best practices and industry standards.

Large language models such as GPT-3.5 and DaVinci-003 have shown great potential in improving requirements. However, to achieve optimal results, these models require further optimization to elicit the specific type of response required to produce good requirements from the input.

At ReqAIre, we aim to take these models to the next level by tailoring them specifically for the purpose of requirements improvement across various industries.

By tailoring these models, we can improve their ability to understand and analyze requirements in different contexts, ultimately resulting in more accurate and effective requirements. 

We believe that our approach can significantly improve the quality of requirements gathering and analysis, leading to better project outcomes and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your requirements process and achieve your project goals.

Standardize Requirements using AI

Standardize Requirements 

The first step is to ensure that the requirement or user story is standardized according to company requirements writing policy.

To get started with ReqAIre, simply select the requirement text within a requirements tool such as Polarion or other browser based tool and bring up the context menu in Chrome.

From there, select the ReqAIre plugin to launch the dialog box where you can begin the process of requirements or user story improvement. If you approve of the updated requirement just press the Copy to Input and the requirements improvement process can continue from there. Note that in the process gramatical errors are also corrected.

With ReqAIre, enhancing your requirements is a simple and intuitive process. Our plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing requirements workflow, allowing you to easily capture and analyze requirements as you work. By leveraging advanced AI and LLMs, we can provide intelligent suggestions and insights to improve the clarity, completeness, and consistency of your requirements.

Explain Requirements Ambiguity using AI

Requirement Ambiguity

ReqAIre can help you identify and resolve issues with ambiguous requirements or user stories, ensuring that your projects are completed efficiently and effectively. 

Ambiguous requirements can lead to confusion and unnecessary rework, making it crucial to have clear and precise requirements. For instance, in the example provided, ReqAIre suggest referencing a rating such as IPX7 to clarify the requirement. 

With ReqAIre, you can easily update your requirements within the dialog box itself. This means that you can quickly and efficiently make changes to your requirements, such as adding the IP65 or IP68  requirement, without having to switch between multiple tools or interfaces.

General Requirements Questions using AI

General Questions

Similar to ChatGPT you can ask general questions and get helpful suggestion to further refine your requirement.

When it comes to defining requirements for a product, it can be challenging to determine the appropriate specifications that will ensure the product meets the needs of its users.

However, an AI tool designed specifically for this purpose can help simplify the task and improve the overall efficiency of the system engineering requirements process.

This feature is particularly useful when there is a knowledge gap or when users need clarification on certain aspects of the requirements.

With ReqAIre, system engineers can rely on a powerful and intuitive tool to assist them in the requirements definition process, resulting in higher-quality requirements that better meet the needs of end-users.

Create Test Cases automatically for Requirements using AI

Test Case Generation

With ReqAIre, you can save time and effort by letting it generate suggestions for test cases.

In order to ensure that a product meets the needs of its users, it is important to not only define high-quality requirements, but also to ensure that they are testable.

Test cases are a critical component of this process, as they provide a structured way to verify that the requirements have been met. However, defining test cases can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially when dealing with large or complex systems. This is where ReqAIre comes in.

In addition to improving the quality of your requirements, ReqAIre can also assist in the process of defining test cases based on the requirements.

This can help streamline the process of test case definition and ensure that all the important aspects of the requirements are covered by the test cases.

With ReqAIre, system engineers can rely on a comprehensive tool to assist them in the requirements definition and test case definition processes.


ReqAIre is constantly evolving and improving to offer more quality-enhancing and time-saving features for organizations.

Furthermore, we are continuously working to enhance our platform and add new features that will further streamline the requirements gathering, writing and testing processes. We are committed to providing our users with the most innovative and effective tools to help them achieve their project goals.

We are always listening to feedback from our users and incorporating their suggestions into our development roadmap.

With ReqAIre, you can be confident that you are using a cutting-edge platform that is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of your organization. Try our platform today and stay tuned for even more exciting updates in the future.


The following functionality is currently implemented in the backend:

- General Engineering Requirements Improver

- General Agile/Scrum User Story Improver

- Requirement Ambiguity Checker

- Generate Test Cases from Requirement

- Generate Atomic Requirements from non-atomic requirements

- Generate Requirements Title from Requirements Text

- General Text Improver (use for grammar improvement)

- General question (simplified "chatgpt")

- and some more experimental functions (check tool for details)

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